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Introducing the first and only yield benchmarking service

What is trueharvest?

TrueHarvest is the first and only yield benchmarking service that uses objective, unique and accurate data to show your farm’s full range of yield potential and actual yield performance, down to the 150 square foot area we call a micro-field.

By comparing each of your fields to similar fields with similar growing conditions, you can better understand yield improvement opportunities and make better input and management decisions.

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FarmLink analyzes yield results across millions of acres each year, measuring the effect that 50 different environmental variables have on yield. These individual variables reflect the physical profile categories of each field such as soil type, slope, elevation and also the growing conditions present including precipitation and growing degree days. As a result, TrueHarvest shows you the true yield potential unique to each of your fields given the growing conditions you experienced.

To create the TrueHarvest Benchmark, FarmLink data scientists:

TrueHarvest allows you to clearly understand the true yield potential, actual yield performance and yield improvement opportunity of your land providing actionable data that helps you better allocate inputs with confidence to optimize yield and profitability.


The 2014 & 2013 TrueHarvest Benchmark is available for corn and soybeans, with wheat coming soon.


When you purchase the full 2014 TrueHarvest Benchmark Service you will receive:

The 2014 TrueHarvest Benchmark service helps you measure the impact of this last year's decisions and plan for your 2015 crop.

We are invested in the success of your crop — that's why the price for the TrueHarvest Benchmark is the dollar equivalent of one bushel of corn per acre.


What is TrueHarvest?

TrueHarvest is the only yield benchmarking service that gives you the precise, objective information about how your land is performing, relative to its potential.

With TrueHarvest, you can compare your yield to the full range of performance for comparable land with comparable conditions at the portfolio, field, zone and micro-field levels. You will find that high yield doesn’t necessarily mean peak performance and low yield doesn’t necessarily mean poor performance.

These “Benchmarks” will help you make better decisions about where to invest – or not invest – resources to optimize yield and profitability on each and every field.

What can it help me do?

You can use TrueHarvest to:

  • Determine which areas of your fields have more or less potential
  • Make better-informed input and resource allocation decisions
  • Determine revenue improvement opportunities
  • Make in-season changes and planning decisions for next year’s crop
  • Measure the year-over-year results of farming practice changes, including seed and fertilizer choices, regardless of the weather conditions
How can I get TrueHarvest?

Sign up for TrueHarvest at or by calling 888-875-4319.

TrueHarvest is now available for corn and soybeans, with wheat coming soon.

How much does TrueHarvest cost?

We are invested in the success of your crop — that's why the price for the TrueHarvest Benchmark is the dollar equivalent of one bushel of corn per acre.

What will I receive?

TrueHarvest Benchmark Service includes:

  • Your 2014 field and zone level yield benchmarks
  • Your 2013 field and zone level yield benchmarks (free of charge)
  • Unique Gap Maps that show yield opportunity by comparing your yield to the 2014 TrueHarvest Benchmark
  • Revenue improvement opportunities by field and at the zone level

The 2014 TrueHarvest Benchmark service helps you measure the impact of this last year's decisions and plan for the 2015 crop.

What makes TrueHarvest different?

No other product offers farmers the opportunity to understand their land’s true yield potential and improvement opportunity at the portfolio, field, and zone levels.

We are completely independent – we do not sell seed, equipment, fertilizer or crop chemicals.

Our yield data is subject to rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure that our benchmark yield ranges are as accurate as possible.

No other agronomy tool produces a truly objective insights on the yield potential of your land . The TrueHarvest Benchmark is the basis from which you can evaluate all of your critical farming decisions to ensure you are optimizing input resources and maximizing profit.

How does it work?

We have analyzed all the data elements that farmers can’t control – like sun, soil, slope and water – along with real yield data to understand the intrinsic value of land so farmers can use that information to improve performance.

To create the TrueHarvest Benchmark, FarmLink data scientists use more than 6,000,000 acres of yield data, while correlating the impact of 50 different variables related to weather, soil, sun, and topography. This volume of actionable information establishes a data set of more than 800 billion individual data elements.

That core data is being used to benchmark 6,000,000 acres of farmland in the United States, which creates the performance range for every field, zone and micro-field in each portfolio of corn, soybeans and wheat in the United States.

The result is a unique and precise understanding of the performance range at the field, zone and micro-field levels of comparable land in comparable conditions for that season.

Am I the only one who can see my TrueHarvest Benchmark?

When you register for your TrueHarvest Benchmarks, you will attest to the fact that you farm that piece of land. Also, TrueHarvest will not allow multiple accounts to secure the same field for benchmarking. Once a piece of land has been “locked” or secured by the farmer who farms it, it cannot be accessed by anyone else without permission from the farmer.

What is a Micro-Field Reader?

Our proprietary device, compatible with most combines, that reads actual yield in real time at the micro-field level. The data collected is secure and will never be shared with third parties.

What does Gap Map do?

The Gap Map allows you to see the bushels-per-acre difference between each of your micro-fields, zones or fields, and the Benchmark. We can then calculate your revenue improvement opportunity by multiplying the gap in bushels per acre with the number of acres and the current commodity price you input.

Is there a cost for storing my yield data, if I choose to provide it?

No. We will store any actual data you provide for as long as you want at no cost to you.

Can I delete the data I chose to provide?

Yes. You can delete it whenever you like.

Can I share my data with my crop advisors and others?

Yes. You will receive a unique username and password to log in to your TrueHarvest account. You may share this log-in information with whomever you choose.

Do I have to sign up for more than one year at a time?


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