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Farmlink Closes $40 Million Equity Round
AUG 20, 2014 | Press Release
FarmLink today announced the closing of a $40 million Series B financing, with investors expanding their commitment to FarmLink’s TrueHarvest, a unique agricultural yield benchmarking and measurement service. OpenAir Equity Partners is leading the investors, which also includes existing investors Thorndale Farm, LLC, private investors Don Walsworth and John Rose, and new investor Early Investments.

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“As the only provider of yield benchmarking in agriculture, FarmLink is changing how farmers measure performance and make investment decisions,” said Ron LeMay, Chairman and CEO of FarmLink. “Without the required data and analytics, agriculture hasn’t been able to utilize this important measurement capability, used successfully by other industries for years. FarmLink is changing that fact. Our TrueHarvest solution is transforming the agriculture industry by providing actionable information that farmers can use to determine how and where to apply their resources and objectively measure results.”

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